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Education SYSTEM

Germany is a country which highly values education and vocational training, research and the sciences. It has one of the world's best and most extensive school and university systems. The country has produced Nobel Prize winners, high-level scientific work is undertaken here, international projects are promoted, and students from all over the world study here.

Education, science and research are structured in line with the federal nature of the Federal Republic of Germany. As a result, central government is only able to decide on and implement goals and measures in conjunction with the federal states, which are for the most part responsible for the school system and cultural matters.

Central government is, by contrast, responsible for the organization of vocational training in the dual system. Central government and the federal states work together on the "Commission of Central Government and the Federal States for Education Planning and Research Support" The federal states agree policy among themselves as part of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Federal States.

The constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany guarantees everyone the freedom of self-expression and freedom in their choice of profession, training, and workplace. In this context, education policy aims to provide each individual with the best possible education as well as high-quality vocational training that corresponds to their interests and abilities, thus raising young people to become mature citizens prepared to shoulder responsibility in democratic society.

Education is an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Use the links in this category to find information on schools, job training and continuing education. This is where you can also find out more about educational policy and different initiatives. According to the Basic Law, the education system is the responsibility of the individual state governments.






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